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Education And Emerging Trends

Education And Emerging Trends

The Horizon Report 2011 reports several emerging trends affecting the way we live and how we learn. Digital literacy is on the rise as digital media, the Internet and social networking has fueled the drive for more ways to communicate with those locally and abroad. Although the efforts of individuals will not go away, businesses, learning environments, and non government agencies are much more reliant on the collaborative efforts as a product of emerging technologies. 

The internet is the basis for supplying distributed education anywhere in the world at the convenience of the user. No longer are students bound by the traditional brick and mortar institutions.  Besides location freedom, in some cases, content is also boundless as well with books delivered as active server pages or e-books. The classroom is synchronous, asynchronous, or blended in their approach for conducting classes. There isn't a need to beat the traffic to get to the campus for higher learning. All one requires is an Internet connection and client computing device.

With children growing up in an all digital age, their understanding and ease of use in digital media is a much more natural affair than those who are compelled through force integration in the work place or simply keeping up with the new demands place on communicating in rich media and flexible world. In the near future, it will seem inconceivable that an individual in not digital media savvy.

The Delphi method use in this report capitalized on a panel’s expertise and gaining consensus in the six identified areas. The process used both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to reach a decision about educational emerging trends.  The range of experts aggregates trends seen all over the United States and seek to understand current and growing trends. This potentially allows for educators or other interested parties to tailor resources or develop products which are much more suited to their user base rather than supporting an outdated model that does not capture what is happening in the world today.

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  1. Great post Darkfire, I see the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) as an emerging trend in Education that we are facing right now. Unlike the past attempts or trend that they had about 15 years ago (early attempts bringing education online by top tier schools), I think this time they are here to stay. What do you think?